The eco-friendly solution to the annoying Christmas tree needledrop problem, is here!

Treasy is, simply, an elegant skirt that sits around the base of your tree, covering the stand and providing a luxurious backdrop for your gifts.

Made from crushed velvet, the skirt adds an extra touch of splendour to the look of your tree, even when the gifts have been distributed.

BUT, Treasy really comes into its own at the end of the Christmas period, when you are looking to remove your tree from the premises.

By simply pulling up the skirt after you have removed all the lights and decorations, but before you take it out of its stand, you create a sealed bag which catches all the falling needles. This means you are not left with that carpet of needles which needs sweeping or vacuuming in the living room and along the hall.

In the case of a flat or apartment, there are often the common areas to consider - the stairs and/or lifts and the foyers.

Anything that is going to save any aggravation, and looks good to boot, has to be a good thing!

This is how it works

  1. Unfasten the Velcro, slide the tree trunk through the drawstring hole (velvet side up) and place securely in stand. Pull Treasy up over the tree.
  2. Tighten the drawstring to the trunk.
  3. Twist the stand so that the Treasy's Velcro seam is at the back, out of view
  4. Undo the Velcro so that the Treasy drops to the floor, then cut off the netting
  5. Arrange as preferred and dress your tree

On the Twelfth Night, or whenever you choose to dismantle your tree, just remove all the decorations and lights, and, leaving the tree in its stand, pull the Treasy up the length of the tree, fully and securely fasten the Velcro along the side and across the top. That’s it! You’ve created a firmly sealed bag!

Take your tree out of its stand and feel free to drag or carry your tree, trunk first, off the premises, secure in the knowledge that all the falling needles are being caught in the bag. Regardless of however many doors it bashes against or stairs it bounces down.

Whether you leave the tree for collection, or drive it to a recycle plant (obviously your car will also remain needle free), you then undo the Velcro, pull the bag off the tree and shake the needles out. You can then fold up your Treasy and put it back in its velvet pouch, ready for next year.


  • No more carpet of needles through your house or flat, in lifts, lobbies or flights of stairs.
  • No more effort spent vacuuming those needles
  • No more blocked or broken vacuuming cleaners
  • A considerable amount of energy saved, both personal and electric!
  • Fewer plastic trees in landfill!
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As for the value of it taking the tree out of the flat, it worked fantastically. Every year I spend a good hour clearing up needles dropped all over our flat and communal areas. This time not a sign of a stray needle. Also the treasy was in mint condition itself after the operation and I can tell it will serve us well for many years to come. The look is great too.
-- A.W., Twickenham


Wrapping the tree in Treasy was easy peasy! No needles - it worked perfectly.
-- L.D., North London


We were a bit worried that our big fat OTT Christmas tree would be too big for Treasy to handle......but it did the job!
-- A.G., Cornwall


We love Treasy - it looks amazing! So easy to do and so lush! Treasy was dreamy to use and no needles. Now my sister wants one! Fabulous.
-- S.S., High Barnet, London


Wow. For the first time ever we have been able to take the tree out via the front door without fear of leaving a pine forest in our wake. The only needles that were left behind were in the immediate vicinity of the tree stand and these were very few and to be expected. This was partly due to our fingers and thumbs as newbies!

In one fell swoop:

  • - Very, very few pine needles left behind.
  • - Hoover not wrecked clearing up. (A disaster in the bad old days).
  • - No more HASSLE or dread of taking the tree down.
  • - No frayed tempers.

Not expecting a result but………..A triumph.
-- W.W., Putney

About Us

We are 12 Drummers

12 Drummers Limited is a family business and home to "Treasy", the Christmas tree accessory that adds a touch of affordable luxury to your tree and, crucially, provides a simple answer to Christmas tree needledrop.

Founded by Claire, Steve, Luke and Dominic in 2019, 12 Drummers are keen to promote the advantages of real Christmas trees, from both the environmental perspective and the traditional family Christmas point of view.

Environmentally, there are myriad reasons as to why a real Christmas tree is the optimum choice, chief amongst which is perhaps the fact that for every tree felled for our celebrations, 2 or 3 more are planted (for more info on the environmental impact, please see environmental credentials).

Tradition wise, we all know how the genuine smell and feel of a real Christmas tree can conjure up the spirit of Christmas - the magic and joy of the most festive time of the year.

The single, most often cited reason for not choosing a real tree is the headache and aggravation caused by needledrop, even from the most "non-drop" of trees, when the time comes to remove your tree from your home.

We at 12 Drummers have come together as a family to solve this problem - offering style and elegance throughout the Christmas period and efficient functionality on Twelfth Night.

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